Photo Acknowledgement: Farrah Rodrigues

Nurses/Allied Health

All nursing and allied health team members working in paediatric endocrinology are encouraged to join ANZSPED. The aim is to encourage you to share ideas and best practice, whilst offering support to those new to the area of endocrinology.

There are established Endocrine Departments in most of the major paediatric hospitals, as well as regional centres. Within those departments are nurses, educators, dieticians, social workers and psychologists with whom you can establish networks. This can assist you in exploring collaborative research, the development of clinical practice guidelines and educational resources at a national level, which in turn, leads to the implementation of best practice for all children with endocrine conditions.

The annual scientific meeting has a practical component offering the opportunity to network with colleagues and other members of multidisciplinary teams, and present your own work. It is an opportunity to discuss current issues and new developments, and get feed-back from others facing similar situations.

You are also encouraged to participate in the running of the society by nominating to join any of the sub-committees, or stand for ANZSPED council. We welcome all new members to the organisation.