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Diabetes Subcommittee

Committee Members

2023 – 2024

  • Jenny Couper (SA)
  • Maria Craig (NSW)
  • Liz Davis (WA)  VICE CHAIR
  • Martin de Bock (NZ)  CHAIR
  • Tony Huynh (QLD)
  • Danielle Longmore (VIC)
  • Prudence Lopez (NSW)
  • Ann Maguire (NSW)
  • Monique Stone (NSW)
  • Angela Titmuss (NT)
  • Jason Yates (QLD)
  • Sharon Youde (NSW)

About the Committee

The ANZSPED Clinical Diabetes Network was formed in August 2010 with the purpose of working together to enhance paediatric diabetes management and improve outcomes for children and adolescents with diabetes in Australia and New Zealand.The goals of the network include advocacy, sharing resources and facilitating collaborative research amongst all member groups. Initial priorities include the development of a database and benchmarking. As a first step it will be important to determine the clinical resources available in each centre around Australia and New Zealand.

How to join the committee

Calls for Expressions of Interest (EOI) are sent every 2nd year to all ANZSPED members (in ‘even’ numbered years) shortly after the AGM.  Members are invited to submit their EOI at this time and all applications will be reviewed by ANZSPED Council.  The subcommittee is to have no more than 12 members, and the aim is to ensure that no more than 1 person from a hospital is on the subcommittee and each state is well represented.



Short report: Care for children and adolescents with diabetes in Australia and New Zealand: Have we achieved the defined goals?

Standards of Care

APEG-Critical-Issues-and-solutions 2014

Standards of Care for Children and Adolescents 2014

Insulin requiring diabetes and recreational diving