Photo Acknowledgement: Paul Crock

Website & Patient Resources Subcommittee

Committee Members

  • Lisa Amato (NSW)
  • Phil Bergman (VIC)
  • Lara Graves (NSW)
  • Chloe Hanna (VIC)
  • Jess Harbison (SA)
  • Richard McGee (NSW)
  • Bin Moore (NSW)
  • Kruthika Narayan (NSW)
  • Farrah Rodrigues (VIC)
  • John Welch (VIC)  (CHAIR)
  • Fran Mouat (NZ)
  • Ann Nillsen (NSW)

How to Join the Committee

ANZSPED will send out a call to all members for EOI for members of the committee every 2 years (even numbered years).  This message is sent via the monthly electronic newsletter shortly after the Annual General Meeting.

Terms of Reference

  1. To be the point of contact regarding the ANZSPED website and publications
  2. To keep the website up to date in matters relating to all aspects of diabetes and endocrine disorders in children and adolescents
  3. To optimise promotion of the AGM and related meetings on the home page
  4. To engage and keep relevant related publications, booklets, E-casts and resources related to APEG
  5. Ensure links to appropriate societies and education tools are kept up to date and of relevance