Photo Acknowledgement: Farrah Rodrigues

Research Grant Review

Committee Members:

2023 – 2024

  • Ben Albert (NZ)
  • Yoon Hi Cho (NSW)
  • Jenny Harrington (SA)
  • Jacky Hewitt (VIC)
  • Tony Huynh (QLD)  (CHAIR)
  • Quynh-Nhu Nguyen (VIC)
  • Vinutha Shetty (WA)
  • Peter Simm (VIC)
  • Carmel Smart (NSW)

About the Committee

The purpose of this committee is to review grant applications that are received every year for ANZSPED/Pharma grants and to decide on grant recipients according to reviews by committee, external reviewer’s comments and a teleconference. This committee will also evaluate the grant review process used every year.

Committee requires 2 members of council but one of them is the ANZSPED council secretary that will be acting as Chair of the committee.

Maximum time in the committee should be 6 years unless a committee member is the current ANZSPED secretary.

There will be only one Zoom meeting a year to finalise grant allocation and the committee will communicate via email after grants have been received.

The ANZSPED grant reviewing subcommittee is supported by the ANZSPED secretariat to advertise grants, receive grant applications and liaise with Chair of the committee in relation to the process required for grant reviews every year which includes organization of a teleconference.