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Learning Resources

ANZSPED Online Resources

  • Online ‘How I do it’ sessions
    • You can find these recordings in the Members section of the website under ‘Educational Resources> Educational Recordings’.
    • Online sessions from 2022 are available for all members
    • The timetable for 2023 sessions can be found in this section of the website
  • Recordings from Fellows’ Schools
    • You can find over 6 years recordings from Fellows’ School presentations once you sign in as a member and go to the ‘Educational Resources> Fellows School Recordings’

Other resources

  • ESPE e-Learning
  • Melbourne-wide Endocrinology and Journal Club (Predominately adult endocrinology content)
  • EndoText
  • Recorded meetings sponsored by Sandoz:  (Username:  endotoday, Password:  endo)
  • Physician e-learning module launched to help integrate genomics into clinical care
    A new elearning module has been launched to introduce physicians in Australia and New Zealand to clinical genomics.
    The module was developed by Garvan’s Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics (KCCG) in partnership with the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP).
    This interactive resource includes case studies, quizzes, tools and video interviews with physicians from a range of specialties who are already engaged in this field. It covers:

    • The structure and function of the human genome
    • The sequencing and testing process
    • Some current applications in healthcare
    • Discussing testing and results with patients and their families
    • Ordering a genomic test or referring to genetics services
    • Interpreting a genomic report
    • Key ethical, legal and social issues
      It draws upon expertise from Garvan genomics teams and a working group appointed by the RACP, including genetic and non-genetic specialists and members from the Human Genetics Society of Australasia’s (HGSA) clinical geneticist, genetic counsellor and laboratory scientist special interest groups.
      ‘Clinical Genomics for Physicians’ is hosted the RACP’s elearning platform and can be accessed for free after registration:
  • Advanced Practice in Endocrinology Nursing (2019)
  • RACP Hormone School:  This series of monthly one hour lectures is aimed at Endocrinology Advanced Trainees and Fellows. Sessions run monthly on a Tuesday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.  These session are delivered via videoconference. Presentations are recorded and can be accessed through Online Learning Resources @ RACP. CLICK HERE for the link to the login screen.